Ways You Can Save Money For Your Dream Wedding?

For many, the wedding is the most important event for the couple in their lives. But, a fairytale wedding costs a lot and realistically speaking, you should not spend a lot on Wedding Financing.

There are some tricks to reduce costs, and they can save you money for your wedding even up to a few thousand lei. When you have a tight budget, planning a wedding is very stressful and as soon as you say the word “wedding”, things get very expensive. These tricks can save you thousands of lei, turning a cheap wedding into a great wedding. In this article, I will tell you some tips and ideas on how you can save money for the wedding. We read customer complaints and the most important aspects that cost you a lot of money are:

  • Wedding date
  • Wedding dress
  • Number of Guests
  • Accessories
  • Menus
  • Honeymoon

Choose the right date to get married

The organization of the wedding starts from the date. The chosen day can be decisive for the drastic reduction of expenses. Everyone wants to get married on a summer Saturday, which makes it a super expensive option. Wedding venues can be occupied every Saturday for the entire summer. However, some places organize weddings on Sundays. And this compared to Saturday could reduce the costs of booking the place even by half. Of course, it’s a risk, because not all of your guests will want to party late on a Sunday.

Weddings in winter are also cheaper (except for New Year), and January is perfect for hosting weddings at a 50% discount. Choose the right date to get married and save money for the wedding!

Wedding food and drink

In the idea that you want to save money for your dream wedding, you can turn to a catering company. To whom you can tell that the food is for a big party and not for your wedding. Do not rush to accept the first price for food. Keep in mind how many guests you have and because you will order a large amount of food you can negotiate the price with the catering company. This is a win-win situation, you order food at a negotiated price and the catering company delivers in one evening for a week.


Is it worth inviting relatives and cousins ​​whose faces you don’t remember? A saving idea would be to make a limited list of people who want to be by your side on one of the most beautiful and important days of your life. He may not invite his third-degree uncle to offend his mother-in-law a little, but he will soon pass.

Wedding dress

 It is certainly very difficult to give up the new exclusive model, seen in that glossy magazine or on that site and which made you dream so much. Be careful, however, the most expensive dress is not always the best quality. Choose based on your taste and not on the prestige of a brand. One solution is to buy it online: online wedding dresses are the perfect solution that combines quality with savings.


 Never give up on your honeymoon: the honeymoon is not just a trip, but it is the most awaited and most deserving to eliminate the stress of the wedding. How to save on honeymoon? You could ask your friends for a gift on their wedding list or opt for less popular destinations: maybe you will discover unexplored places and you could have a lot more fun, all at very affordable prices.